I coach GIANTS

Vanessa Broers
2 min readJul 23, 2018

At the start of a Saturday morning hike, I stopped to read the sign at the entrance that described the ancient, primeval, 200-ft tall trees in the “Forest Cathedral.”

“This is a place made sacred by the centuries. Here, in the forest, you walk in the presence of giants.”

“Yes. I do,” I thought. “I walk in the presence of giants every day.”

💪🏼 I coach giants. 💪🏼

According to Greek Mythology, giants were the offspring of earth and sky.

Then my clients must be giants.

They take their sky-isn’t-even-the-limit visions and bring them to life on earth.

They are creating multi-million dollar foundations, shooting for #1 national rankings in their careers, leaving jobs to start businesses, leaving their business to start jobs, buying gyms and starting shoe businesses when they’ve never made a shoe. They’re ending relationships that no longer serve them and moving across the world to explore on their own.

They have giant visions, giant impact and giant hearts.

The word GIANT is from the Greek ‘Gigas’ and is defined as “one of a race of divine but savage and monstrous beings…”

Now, if you know me, then you know that being referred to as a savage and monstrous being that came from a divine race would be of the highest compliment.

And my clients are definitely savage: “wild, undomesticated, untamed.” They are savage in their pursuit to eliminate their limitations and create what they want.

They’re absolutely monstrous: mid-15c., “unnatural, deviating from the natural order.” They don’t accept the status quo. They break rules. Especially their own.

And they’re indisputably divine, “to make out by supernatural insight.” They’re living their truth from inside out.

I coach divine, savage and monstrous giants.

If you’re a giant, we should talk.



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